The Misty Luv Interview: Just the truth, no lies

The Misty Luv Interview: Just the truth, no lies

Having screwed for our still cameras, Misty Luv sits down for an interview with your editor. They initiate by talking about the obvious–that Misty looks a lot like actress Jamie Lee Curtis–before moving on to how that babe ended up in our studio (we detected her; she was surprised that we wanted her) and her transformation from wife and Mama to swinger.

Born and raised in Michigan, Misty, who’s Fifty four, has been married to the same smooth operator for Thirty five years. About five years ago, her bold husband brought up the subject of swinging, and it’s been full speed ahead since then. Yet, this is the first time in a long time–since this babe is been married, in fact–that Misty has had sex out of her spouse being in the room.

“It’s different,” she told. “He’s my rock. He’s my coach. I am plan to call him later and tell him all about it.”

A scarcely any things about Misty that aren’t touched upon in the interview: Her hobbies are shopping and boating. She can’t live with out football, hockey, baseball and NASCAR. She loves to dress to display off her body.

“I usually dress gorgeous provocatively,” that babe said. “Short skirts, tight jeans and a low-cut shirt. I like to be looked at.”

Plenty of people are gonna be looking at Misty Luv at This babe could not be happier about it.

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