The inside and out massage

The inside and out rubdown

Sindy‘s a 56-year-old divorcee, a hard-working businesswoman who merits a little relaxation, a little pampering one time in a while. Time to relive the stress of everyday life. So she does what many sweethearts in her situation would do: That babe goes for a massage. But this is a private rub-down. And different from majority honey bunnys, Sindy doesn’t use a towel to cover her body when the caressing begins.

So the masseur works his hands all over Sindy‘s body, and she is getting hornier by the second. That ladies man is, also, and suddenly…hey, expect a minute, is the masseur supposed to be spreading his client’s arse and checking out her pink vagina?

“Sure,” Sindy said. “Why not?”

Previous to we know it, this ladies man is rubbing her mellons, and she’s fondelling his pecker, and then that babe is massaging his knob with her mouth and…hey, who’s rubdown is this? And then he’s using his jock to rubdown her muff walls. Yipes!

We’re assuming no tipping is required.

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