Shag all day, shag all night

Fuck all day, bonk all night

“I’ll bonk your brains out while your girlfriend watches,” told Sophia Jewel, a 43-year-old personal trainer from Florida.

Actually? We’ll take her up on that.

“I like bucks of beefy character,” Sophia told. “A boy with a admirable sense of humor who keeps me laughing is always a turn-on. I abhor when someone tries likewise rigid. I wanna tell them to just be themselves!”

Maybe it’s rock hard for a skirt chaser to loosen up when that stud grows a erection the minute he sees Sophia. But when the right boy comes along…

“I usually like to role-play and shag him real coarse. Then when we’re done, it is time to fondle and sleep. And then when we wake up, we can kick off rogering again!”

We’ll take her up on that, likewise.

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