Ideal For You

Perfect For You

“I definitely got all dolled up for these photos,” Nikki said us. “No way I was intend to expose off my body if a single hair was without place. I’m a girly-girl and I refuse to let my girlfriends take pictures of me out at the clubs when I’ve been sweating and stripping, so why would I let my hubby see me anything less than consummate? I went and had my hair done, I shaven my legs and I even got my cunt and arse waxed. I am normally beautiful wonderful at keeping it smooth down there, but I felt love a little extra prep would be fine. Especially since strangers are seeing me!”

“I’ve got a atypical fetish. Well, I guess it’s not that unusual. If a lad liked sniffing panties, nobody would think twice about it. When I peel off my immodest knickers and smell my juices, my cum-hole acquires luscious and people think I’m weird.”

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