Enjoyable Revenge

Sweet Revenge

The ultimate way to relieve anger is to shag it out of your system. When 2 lewd guys happen across Missy in a parking lot, she’s made water as hell that her husband left her stranded. So this babe figures, what better way to receive back at him than rogering some other jock? Not merely will she be getting even, but that babe likewise gets to relish recent pecker! The thought makes her so excited that she plans to bonk in a (notably clean) gas station washroom. Once there, she lays all her cards on the table and enthusiastically dives for this guy’s bigger in size than average pecker. It is a worthy change from her boyfriend’s miniature wang. Screwing that little weenie for so lengthy left her supplementary hungry for something more, and it brandishes as this babe expertly swallows this newfound schlong. Her boyfriend’s little wiener also preserved the tightness of her vagina, and this babe can feel every inch of this fresh strapon stretching her insides oh so worthwhile. Maybe Missy’s partner should piss her off more often!

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