Mid-Western Housewife

Mid-Western Housewife

Ruthie Hays is a mid-western housewife, but this babe is not your archetypical mid-western housewife. “I would adore to have a a team fuck with 20 or more men,” this 47-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa told us told.The thing is, when Ruthie says ram like that, this babe doesn’t say it in a serious or sensuous voice. That babe says it in a fun, lighthearted way. ‘coz that is what Ruthie is: enjoyment and lighthearted. Especially when she is wanton. Which is not quite all the time.

40SOMETHING: Well, I’m sat here with your “Model Info” sheet, which we ask all the glamour models to fill out, and when I read it, I told to myself, “I must talk to this lady.” For sample, we ask if you wear belts, and u said u never wear briefs.

RUTHIE: Well, I am wearing belts right now, but just for you lads. Normally I by no means do.

40SOMETHING: It’s humorous to hear u say that cuz you look like the female next door, and you are Fourty seven years aged and u live in Iowa. You are five-feet-nine. You’re married. Your hubby set this up. We asked, “Are you into any fetishes?” and you told no. But then we asked, “What are your sexual fantasies?” Do you remember what you wrote?

RUTHIE: A bukkake with, oh, 10 or Twenty lads. 30 if I could.

40SOMETHING: Have u ever done a facials?

RUTHIE: No. The most I’ve had was like eight guys, but they did not all cum on my face. Some of them wanted to cum on my vagina. There was screwing going on, and there’s no banging in bukkake.

40SOMETHING: Is your dream for fellows to cum on your face or for you to have sex with Twenty bucks?

RUTHIE: Cum on my face. I would be in the midst, and they’d all be wanking. I like cum. I like having it on my face. It makes me supplementary slutty or something, doesn’t it? For me, it makes it hotter and sluttier to have cum on my face and oozing down my chin, oozing down all over my mounds.

40SOMETHING: And u love the lewd aspect of it.


40SOMETHING: Now, the gang a gang bang. Will anal be involved?

RUTHIE: Yes. A-hole, face hole, cum-hole. I have three holes, and I love them all filled, preferably at the same time.

40SOMETHING: What are the other boyz doing during the gang a team fuck when your 3 holes are occupied?

RUTHIE: I have had one gang a team fuck where I was jacking off two lads on either side of me and one lady-killer was in my face hole, one was in my fur pie and some other was in my butt. The other five were expecting their turn.

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