The body of a domme, the sex drive of a smooth operator

The body of a lady, the sex drive of a man

Outtakes from our interview with 65-year-old wife, Mother and grandmother Madison Milstar, an non-professional when she came to our studio for the 1st time, now getting very pro at fucking on-camera. Here, that babe is banging 29-year-old Tarzan. She is pleased. This babe makes him pleased. Besides…

60PLUS MILFs: We’ve heard people say, “Why do I acquire to toss off? I can have real sex.” But there is a greater than run of the mill difference between the 2, isn’t there?
MADISON: A bigger in size than run of the mill difference. Masturbation is very intimate. My spouse is usually without the abode whilst I’m doing it. I desire my own thoughts, I can do it within 30 seconds and I am in my own little world. I can imagine soever I desire. I’m in the scene I’m watching while I’m playing with myself. I’m doing whatsoever they’re doing. I probably will not ever do what they’re doing, but I’m imagining I am.
60PLUS MILFs: Hold on! You can cum in 30 seconds?
MADISON: Actually, Thirty five. I’ve timed it.
60PLUS MILFs: What are u, a boy?
MADISON: That’s a admirable point! My girlfriends all tell me I’ve got the sex drive of a guy. They’ve not at all met someone love me. I urge sex all the time. I am always up for it.

This babe is up for it. Tarzan’s up. It’s all wonderful.

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