Copulate The Boss

Fuck The Boss

Luna Azul, who not long ago turned 60 and is satisfied of it, pulls the aged, “Lady boss catches the young employee at the copy machine and resolves to bonk him ‘cuz this chab is making copies of images of her cunt,” trick. You by no means heard of that trick, did you? Well, u might have heard about a sexy female boss, and u might have heard about male staff checking her out behind her back and talking about how much they’d like to fuck her. Well, that’s what’s been going on in Luna‘s office, but what the lads don’t realize is that Luna desires to copulate them, too.

Some of the most priceless parts of this scene come early on, such as when Luna sits on the desk in the midst of the copy room and tells her employee to eat her love tunnel right then and there, and if they get caught, so what? She’s the boss. Another admirable part is when the employee realizes that Luna is wearing hose and the merely way to need to her pussy-other than taking ’em off-is to tear a hole in ’em. Which he does, and Luna doesn’t mind that she’s going to have a gap in her tights for the rest of the day, and who knows? Maybe she’ll fuck another employee.

Certainly, there is that obscene snatch that Luna will must deal with, too, ‘cuz, yeah, the boss takes a creampie in this one.

That’s what’s called an employee bonus.

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