From Poland With Cum

From Poland With Cum

Ellie, a 55-year-old divorcee, is sat at her desk, working, when her hubby (or whatsoever the hell he’s) comes up behind her and starts massaging her arms and shoulders. He tells her this is plan to be a peculiar night, and what’s so peculiar about it? Well, he is intend to fill her throat and cookie with his knob. Yep, that is peculiar! And then that fellow is intend to cum on her face. Extra specific! Inspect how his sperm sticks to her chin as it begins to leaks. Inspect how Ellie rubs his load into her face.

“When I came to the United States, I had not at all heard of the word Mother I’D LIKE TO FUCK, and when I got divorced, I thought, ‘Oh, what fellow will crave me now?'” told Ellie, who was born in Poland and now lives in Oregon. “But I have detected out that stud fellows crave me!”

Ellie is definitely a divorcee on the prowl. She urges to be a pornstar, and the way her body looks at age 55, she can do whatever that babe desires.

“I like eating succulent cookie while getting my booty banged,” this babe said. “I adore the smack of a woman’s slit, and I likewise love the taste of my arse on a man’s wang. I have learned as I have gotten maturer that nothing is taboo as long as you relish it and nobody gets hurt.”

Nobody acquires hurt when Ellie‘s around, and everybody receives contented. Just view.

By the way, the booty fucking? Coming soon.

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