Going The Distance

Going The Distance

One view 54-year-old Czech Personal Assistant Donna and u know you are in for it. She is the kind of GILF who trickle sexuality with as little as a smile (although that breast valley doesn’t hurt, either). She loves swimming, skiing, horse-back riding and Nicholas Cage videos. Her flawless day would consist of some beach time, a handsome dinner out and a enjoyment ride in a Porsche.

Donna’s the dangerous type. The fucks-her-boss-in-the-elevator sort. The type to make you supplicate on your knees for a taste of her cunt. The type that has affairs with married males just ‘coz they’re hawt and off limits. Maybe that is why she’s divorced.

“Best decision I ever made,” she said. “I thought I would identified a lady-killer that could satisfy me, but my lewd muff needs a charmer with endless energy. I’m not here for a quickie.”

When it comes to screwing, no thing makes Donna cum harder than a lad taking his time tongueing up and around her labia.

“My favourite kind of gent is the one that asks me to sit on his face. There is no higher compliment, no bigger in size turn-on than when a ladies man wishes to be submerged in my clutch, tasting every part of my sopping vagina.”

Sounds like a plan.

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