Arse Barter

Booty Barter

“My car is adore my home…literally! I don’t truly have anywhere to stay and when I do not have a daybed to crash on, I just sleep in my car. But that is life on the road and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The only thing that sucks is when my car breaks down like it did today. Luckily, this hawt lad avoided to aid me out and then this chab invited me in for a glass of water. His place was charming admirable, likewise. I figured maybe he’d let me stay here for a bit if I put out. And shit, even if this chab did not, I still wanted to copulate. I get overtired of always doing it in the backseat of my car. Well, I was indeed happy to be adept to spread my legs wide open on his bed. This gent screwed me indeed wonderful and he even let me stay at his place for a couple of nights. Guess what we did the whole time!”

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