Take it to the Banks!

Take it to the Banks!

How did 49-year-old Barbi Banks investigate about 40SomethingMag.com? Her daughter, Nikki, said her. And how did Nikki investigate about 40SomethingMag.com? Well, Nikki, who has bigger in size than typical, natural love bubbles, sucked and screwed for Voluptuous magazine. Then she went home and said her Mother all about it.

“When Nikki told me about it, I said to her, ‘That sounds love so much enjoyment!’ and that babe told, ‘It is so much fun! You are wild, Mama. U oughta try it!'” Barbi thought about it for about five seconds previous to deciding to take the plunge…which is about four seconds longer than it took us to say, “Bring her in!” But just to set the record str8, Barbi said, “I do not share men with my daughter and that babe doesn’t share her boyz with me. We have not ever had sex with the same fellow. But Nikki is wild, and that babe acquires that from me!”

For sample, Nikki loves to show her cleavage in public. So does Barbi!

“We shop for hot clothes jointly!”

By the way, what Barbi told about this babe and her daughter not at all having sex with the same boy? It’s not true anymore. One of our dudes, Sergio, had sex with one as well as the other of them (although not at the same time). Sergio banged Nikki and came in her slit at XLGirls.com. Barbi sucked off Sergio and took his man juice all over her face at MILFTugs.com.

So, the one and the other Barbi and her daughter are hot. And you can take that to the Banks.

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