A slow, comfortable fuck

A slow, comfortable screw

This is the first time for Cami Cline, a 41-year-old divorcee who was born in Iowa and now lives in Florida. Cam is 5’8″, 128 pounds with C-cup meatballs and green eyes, which you’ll probably notice when the camera zooms in for a close-up of Cami‘s facial. Yeah, a facial first time out, and it is a wonderful one. Welcome to Fourty something, Cami!

You know, one thing that strikes us is how often aged adult models tell us that their 1st time wasn’t priceless. Cami described her 1st shag as “rather painful but thankfully quick.” But now, this babe is doing things like having “oral sex in the elevator of the Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. I blew him on the way up, and that fellow went down on me on the way down!” Now, she’s going after the lads this babe desires. “I almost always make the 1st move,” that babe said. And she’s having sex each single day.

What happens between the 1st time and now? It’s as if those honeys were turned off to sex for a during the time that, but then, maybe in their 30’s or early Fourtys, they found the turn-on switch, and now they’re making up for lost time.

“I adore blowing a lad then just getting on top of him and having my way,” this babe said.

Which means the smooth operator is having his way, likewise. These days, with Cami, everyone’s pleased. The sex is enjoyable. And, thankfully, it lasts a admirable lengthy time.

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