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Jan 31, 2021


What would you do to get a snap of Dafna May showing off her bald snatch in just some fishnet stockings? This hot housewife is always up for a good time as long as it means she gets to cum. Stripping slowly, she cups her breasts, thumbs her big nipples, and runs her fingers down her slit.

Cammille Austin squirts

Cammille Austin squirts

Cammille Austin squirts

Today, 60-year-old Cammille Austin is going to show you how she gets wet in the shower without ever turning on the water. This mother, grandmother and wife–a woman who got gangbanged on her wedding night while her husband watched–starts by showing us her impressive body. She’s wearing a one-piece lingerie bodysuit.

“What do you think of my outfit?” Cammille asks. “Does it look good on my body? Do you like the way it fits my breasts? Do you like how it shows off my ass? And my legs? Want a little sneak peek of my breasts?”

Actually, we want a lot more than that, and we get it. Cammille, who’s blonde, busty and has a tight body, rubs and tugs on her pierced clit. Then she gets naked, sits on the edge of the bath, fingers her pussy and makes herself squirt. Then she squirts again, and again, and again.

And that’s how Cammille gets wet without ever turning on the water! Although, to be 100% accurate, it’s the bathtub that gets wet from Cammille’s squirt.

Cammille was born in Missouri and lives in Arkansas. She’s 5’4″, 118 pounds and has DD-cup tits with a 24-inch waist. That’s very impressive.

“The most-fun job I’ve ever had?” Cammille said. “That’s easy: shooting porn videos.”

Like we always say: It’s not a job. It’s an adventure.

When we asked Cammille for details about how she likes to masturbate, she said, “In the shower, all soaped up with toys.”

Well, she didn’t even turn the water on, and she still got off. What a woman!

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Piano Player’s Pussy

Piano Player’s Pussy

Piano Player's Pussy

“I was nervous at first because I hadn’t practiced the piano like I said I would, and the instructor knew it. I’ve been too busy having fun with boys so I decided to show my instructor what I have been practicing: sex!

“I gave him a nice, slow blow job and then showed him that I can take a big cock like his, no problem. The way he fucked me was incredible. The younger guys I know just want to pound me, but he knew when to go slow and when to go fast. He even pulled his cock out to eat me out. I got so nice and creamy.”

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Juliett can teach him how to fuck

Juliett can teach him how to fuck

Juliett can teach him how to fuck

Welcome to Juliett Russo‘s dance studio, where she does the cha-cha with her students’ cocks. Today, the lucky student is 23-year-old Nade. He’s getting married, but he doesn’t know how to dance. Turns out, though, that he gets very little in the way of dance lessons from this hot, sexy, 54-year-old Latina. Nade never learns how to dance, but he does get a lesson in what to do on his wedding night. Although if we were in his shoes, we’d ditch the fiancĂ© and keep going for dance lessons.

By the way, Juliett told us, “I’m a teacher. I worked as a teacher in my home country.”

That would be Venezuela. These days, she lives in Miami. She’s divorced. She’s a mom.

“I usually let a man make the first move,” said Juliett, who definitely makes the first move here. “But after a certain time, I will make the first move, too.”

The last time she was here, Juliett had sex with a 26-year-old, so the guys are getting younger. We asked her if she’d ever had sex with a much-younger man before coming here, and she said, “Yes, I have. He was a friend of a friend whom we hang out with. At the end of the night, we ended up in a hotel. He was the first young guy I had sex with.”

Milan was the second. Nade was the third. Noticing a trend?

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The busty redhead and the young stud

The busty redhead and the young stud

The busty redhead and the young stud

“I’m a Gemini,” 40-year-old wife and mom Red Vixen said. “Geminis have split personalities. One side of me is a conservative family mom, and the other is sexy and adventurous. Naughty. A little naughty. I like a combination of both, and that keeps my marriage interesting. People aren’t married for all those years with just a blah marriage. You have to have fun, spice. You have to change it up and have something different to keep it going. And the attention I get from other people is exciting for him, too.”

Him…her husband she means. The guy who made this big-titted redhead realize how sexy she is. The guy who pointed her in our direction and completely approved of her coming to our studio and having sex with young studs, such as 25-year-old Rocky in this scene. Rocky loves her breasts, as he should. They’re G-cup naturals, and Rocky sucks them and puts ice on her nipples before his redheaded playmate sucks his dick. Then they fuck and he cums on her tits, which is probably where most guys would cum if they were with Red.

Red told us that her husband brought out her sexy side.

“Then one day, he just started taking pictures of me, just sexy stuff,” she said.

Red is not a porn starlet. Just a woman-next-door with a big rack and a very high sex drive.

“We would have threesomes with other men, and we would videotape it once in a while for ourselves,” Red said. “So, I’ve seen myself having sex on-camera, but I prefer not to. He’s into it. We would tape it ourselves. I had my naughty website for a while. It was just an amateur website.

Here, she gets the pro porn stud treatment. She obviously enjoys it.

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The new 60Plus MILF’s first time

The new 60Plus MILF’s first time

The new 60Plus MILF's first time

“I was under the impression when I was growing up and into my 30s that men always wanted younger women,” Renee Kane said.

She found out otherwise when she was in her 40s. And now, at 60 years old–and thanks to the urging of her first ex-husband–Renee is sucking and fucking on-camera for the first time. The guy she’s with is young enough to be her son: 26-year-old Milan. He’s a customer at Renee at-home hair salon, and he gets a lot more than a haircut; he gets a blow, as in a blow job, and Renee’s pussy, too. Then he cums all over her face.

“I love to be watched,” Renee said. “I like cameras, I like videos.” She’s liked it ever since she went to a swingers club with her ex-husband and realized how much she liked the attention when she was fucking. But she never thought she’d be here, doing this.

Renee’s kinkiest sexual encounter: “We were pulling out of a beautiful resort on our 40-foot boat, and my husband was very hung over and very horny, and he was driving the boat and took his bathing suit off. And while cruising through the middle of open water in Chesapeake Bay, I sat on his lap and we fucked. We were out in the open, and even though people really couldn’t see us, it was just kind of wild.”

Guess what, Renee? People can see you today.

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Jan 29, 2021


Do you like seeing Dafna May decked out in a sheer robe and white lingerie? This hot milf loved all the attention her tight figure earned her the first time around, so she couldn’t wait to come back and show off her puffy nipples and sleek bald cunt just for you.