Stella’s Creampied Debut

Stella’s Creampied Launch

Stella's Creampied Debut

“I fantasize about having sex in public,” told Stella Rose, a 47-year-old divorcee from New York who’s doing the next-best thing right here: mouthing and fucking for the cameras and finishing things off with a creampie. “I one time had sex standing up at a park. I don’t think anybody realized what we were doing.” That is probably ‘coz Stella was not clothed as sexily as that babe is here in slinky underware that doesn’t cover much of her buxom body. Stella works part-time at a Health Disrobe club and is also a first-year student and a camgirl. That babe used to play softball. This babe enjoys watching baseball (the Yankees), football (the Giants) and basketball, working out and going for nature walks. This babe can’t live with out humorous, outgoing boys. She’s into feet. And she is had a trio with 2 other sweethearts. “I like to wear constricted jeans with taut tops,” Stella told. “I like shirts that brandish off my deep cleavage. Hawt to me is confidence in yourself.” Stella looks very confident to us!

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Brunch or me?

Brunch or me?

Brunch or me?

Lives: Yonkers, Fresh York; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: Twenty four; Born: August THREE; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Solely belts; Anal: Not yet; BJs: Gulp and lick the knob clean; Diddle: A pair of times a month.

Kelly was born in Russian Federation, but has lived almost any of her life in America. “I not at all thought about shaving the hair off my cookie untill I was with a fellow who would not eat me ‘cuz of my pubes,” Kelly said. “I love having my cum-hole eaten ‘coz I have my strongest orgasms that way–sometimes two or more if the lad stays down there lengthy sufficient. So I shaven my muff and soon discovered that it’s great for oral pleasure ‘cuz the boy can acquire over here closer to my wet crack, so my orgasms feel even more magnificant.”

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Backdoor To Revenge

Anus To Revenge

Backdoor To Revenge

The movie scene could have been titled “Turnabout Is Fair Play.” It’s about a 52-year-old woman–we’ll call her Trinity–who discovers that her husband has been cheating on her…and right there in his office. “It’s so humiliating,” Trinity says to Tony, looking as if she is about to tear the jezabelle’s knickers to shreds. Poor Trinity. Inexperienced husband. What a big dope, cheating on a piece of arse love Trinity. And probably with a young office worker who’s nothing more than a head-sucker. Tony tries to console her, tries to show some real feeling for her situation, and would not you know it, that babe feels his inflexible rod through his pants. “I think u just gave me an idea how I can fix this,” Trinity says. “The bastard cheated on me. I’m gonna cheat on him.”

Great idea! That babe hands Tony her address and says, “Bring a ally.”

The ally is Asante, and Trinity acquires back at her spouse by taking their schlongs in her throat, snatch and dark-skinned hole. Yes, her anal opening. ‘cuz there’s revenge and then there’s Revenge, and everyone knows that Revenge is a stunner utmost served with anal.

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Very Important Pussy

Very Important Muff

Very Important Pussy

When it comes to nightlife and high-end strip clubs, you’ve gotta put out to click this link. Marie knows this, and that is why this babe wets her briefs when a hotshot bartender picks her up. That babe knows this is her one and solely chance to engulf and copulate her way to VIP status. He brings her behind the scenes before the big party and she makes sure to display him exactly why this babe deserves to go str8 past the velvet ropes. First that babe lubes his tool with her face hole then bows over and takes it like a worthwhile cutie. Her body is constricted, her little bumpers jiggle and she is got a high-pitched squeak that escapes her lips with every cock-stroke into her snatch. It makes the bartender wish to bonk her harder and harder. It is not even party time yet and Marie is seeing stars because of how rock hard she is cumming. And judging by the titanic load sprayed on her face, that babe definitely earned her VIP pass.

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Her first (much) older guy

Her 1st (much) older smooth operator

Her first (much) older charmer

Lives: Denver, Colorado; Occupation: Earth sciences pupil; Age: 20; Born: May 1; Ht: 5’10”; Wt: 140 pounds; Bras: 36B; Panties: Knickers; Anal: Adore it! BJs: Drink; Diddle: Sometimes.

“Some gals go skydiving for thrills; I wanted to shag a stud,” said Nicole. “I forgot about the age difference as soon as I saw Jack’s big rod and started suckin’ it. I have heard beauties say that having an aged lover who knows what this woman chaser is doing is the most good. I completely assent now! I had a giant orgasm during the time that we were rogering and one more whilst Jack was rogering me in my gazoo. That had at not time happened before: I hope other boyz will do my wazoo as fine as jack did so I can cum that way anew in the future. That was probably the most precious sex I’ll ever have… but I hope not.” Investigate the episode, too.

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A creampie for Carey

A creampie for Carey

A creampie for Carey

For her first clip at, 41-year-old Carey Riley really harlots it up in the most magnificant way possible, showing the full spectrum of her mature cock-sucking and banging skills. This babe makes humming noises when that babe is mouthing weenie, adding to the vibration of mouth against meat-stick. She looks into the digital camera as if to say, “I’d rather be sucking your knob.” Carey has a very soaked face hole, and that babe gets the stud’s rod all slick and slimy–again, often while looking right at us–before she slides it into her love tunnel and copulates it each which way. And when the woman chaser cums in her slit, this babe widens it wide so we can see, digging her fingers into her pink cunt flesh and shoving out the Lothario juice, flexing these wet crack muscles. This is super-slut ram!

FYI, Carey has DD-cup breasts and measures 40-30-41, meaning there is lots of cushion for the push-in. She’s 5’9″, 164 pounds, and this babe is married.

“I have many different ways I costume, depending on the situation,” said Carey, who in this scene is wearing crotchless knickers so she doesn’t even acquire to get stripped to bonk. “Obviously, for my job [she’s in sales], I costume professionally, and around kids, I’ll wear normal jeans and a cute shirt. But when I go out, I adore to suit very hot and sometimes straight-out whorelike. My husband can’t live with out it that way.”

A husband who can’t live out of when his sexy wife dresses like a bitch…sounds like Carey is with the right woman chaser.

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Two Into One Equals Three

2 Into One Equals Three

Two Into One Equals Three

If anyone doubts that HORNY HOUSEWIVES are the utmost in voraciously nasty fuck-mates, much sexually hotter and energized than any other lady, let them cast their vision to Trinity Powers and forever hold their peace (and piece). Trinity takes on 2 of the regular knob men here and easily takes their stiff pricks in her expert mouth, twat and anal opening. A hooker, a nudist and a swinger as part of her research for her books, Trinity can add 50PlusMILF sex star to her resume. That babe drilled Asante, spreading her buttocks for his beef skewer. This babe was creamed in her bawdy cleft by Juan Largo. Her face was sprayed by a spurting youthful smooth operator named Ivan. Now Trinity‘s back to double the fun with Asante and Mr. DeSergio, the porn version of I SPY’s Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson. They the one and the other take turns servicing Trinity‘s excited pussy-hole and plugging into her rear-port and finishing off with a semen rinse on her face. Correction. Trinity finishes them off, draining their nutsacs of their nice bodily fluids. This woman has the stamina of a teenager! Trinity is also a great model. She is always smiling this inviting smile that pulls men into her zone. More glamour models across the board of any age should copy her natural smile. How did that babe discover 50PlusMILFS? “I discovered u on the Internet,” Trinity told in her revealing interview published in 50PlusMILFS mag #224. “I was working in a badhouse in Nevada, which was some other 1st for me, going behind-the-scenes to identify out what being a courtesan is adore, and I decided I needed to take it to another level and discover another erotic arena, and adult clips and glamour modeling was what I wanted to explore, and you are who I wanted to come to first.” If Ms. Powers seems like a very empowered woman–the word “power” is in her name–it’s ‘cuz she is. “I’m a very carnal person, and that’s probably why I gravitated toward exploring sex and writing about sex. It’s something that is natural for me.” And this babe does it very well. Next up: doing this nasty on episode.

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