Can Two 60comethings Fuck And Talk At The Same Time?

Can Two 60comethings Screw And Talk At The Same Time?

Can 2 60comethings Copulate And Talk At The Same Time?

Here’s Rita Daniels and Lexi McCain in their pre-fuck interview. Rita introduced us to Lexi last January, and this babe and her swinging friend are the one and the other wearing dresses that reveal off their big melons. Rita’s are greater from the final time we saw her. She’s gone from a DD-cup to an F-cup.

“Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have a brassiere that fits me anymore,” Rita told. Lexi isn’t wearing a bra, but that babe says if that babe did, it would be “Somewhere between a C and a D.”

As interviews go, this one is less talk, more action. After Rita discloses that “I love a nice snatch each now and then,” they bring out a stupendous, double-donged sex toy, widen their legs and share it… after Lexi acquires Rita’s bawdy cleft damp. With her face hole, certainly. Rita returns the favor. And then, with the sex toy inserted in both ladies’ snatches, the interview proceeds.

We don’t know about you, but we think there is smth very sexy about two 60somethings carrying on a conversation during the time that their wet cracks are filled with fake dong. And the real thing? That comes next.

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Is Margo The Horniest 50Something Ever?

Is Margo The Horniest Fifty something Ever?

Is Margo The Horniest 50 something Ever?

What’s the best thing about a female turning Fifty? Well, of course, honeys acquire hornier and sexier with age. But the other great thing is that we must feature her on or, if she’s already been in, we acquire to bring her back. Margo falls into the latter category. You might have viewed her fucking on our sister web resource and in the DVD “Fuck My Aged Arse #3,” and now that this babe is 50, Margo‘s willing for more: a bigger in size than average, dark weenie and a gooey creampie in her mature cum-hole.

Margo is really 51 now (her birthday is August 6, 1960), and she’s the epitome of the divorcee on the prowl. That babe loves a smooth operator with a fun personality. “Looks aren’t important to me,” she said. “What’s more important is what he’ll do to please me. How lengthy he’ll spend eating my snatch and whether he’s sufficient of a gentlemen to keep from cumming until I have had my fill. He’ll know when that is.”

Final time we saw her, Margo told us, “If sex acquires as precious when I turn Fifty as it did when I turned 40, I’ve a lot to look forward to.” Well, she’s 51 now, and what’s the verdict?

“Ask your smooth operator,” this babe told. “He shot a gigantic load of cum inside my cum-hole, so I’m guessing that ladies man enjoyed himself. I know I did.”

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“F” Is For Fucking, “C” Is For Creampie

“F” Is For Banging, “C” Is For Sperm pie

There’s an exam today, and Ivan did not trouble to study. Nope. Last night, that lady-killer was likewise busy cruising bars and supermarkets for MILFS. So what does this gent do? This chab cheats. This chab pulls the ol’ “cheat sheet up your sleeve” trick. But Miss King is an accustomed teacher, and that babe is wise to his cheating games. Uh-oh! Resembles somebody’s in bother. The thing is, Miss King can’t give him an “F” if this babe can’t find the substantiation, so she conducts a full-body chase. Is it beneath his shirt? No. In his back pocket? No. “Hmmm,” Miss King thinks. “Maybe he’s hiding it in his underwear.” So that babe dips down deep into his pants, and what does that babe detect? His ramrod! Turns out that’s what that babe was looking for, in any case. And now she can really give Ivan an “F”…for banging! Later, he’ll boost his grade to a “C”…for creampie! Miss King, by the way, is Stacie King, a 43-year-old wife/swinger from Seattle, Washington, who’s screwing on digi camera for the 1st time. It was her idea. This babe found during the time that browsing the Web and decided, “Hey, I would love to try that.” Stacie‘s story is that of a lady who at no time thought that babe was sexy, never had sex with anyone but her spouse until she detected the swinging lifestyle about five or six years agone. Her hubby was thrilled by the idea. This chab loves to view his wife shag other bucks, and now he’ll have a video to view, too. More on Stacie: She’s 5’5″, 140 pounds, has 2 daughters, works as an office administrator in a medical office and used to be a lingerie house cleaner. Yes, that means exactly what it sounds like. Stacie cleaned houses during the time that wearing hot underware, and the boyz who hired her gotta check out. But they not ever saw her love this!

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When Hubby’s Away, Cristy Gets Ass-Fucked

When Hubby’s Away, Cristy Acquires Ass-Fucked

When Hubby's Away, Cristy Receives Ass-Fucked

Cristy Lynn‘s partner has left her alone with their young next-door-neighbor. A mistake? Well, no. ‘coz Cristy Lynn and her spouse are in on this together. You see, they enlisted Juan to assist move some furniture, and when the boyfriend leaves, this chap tells Juan, “She can’t live with out it in the butt, likewise.” Also? U mean in addition to down her face hole? And in her wet crack? Yep, that’s appears to be to be what this chap means. And Cristy takes full advantage of the opportunity to accost her fresh neighbor, letting him copulate her muff, then her face (This babe gives his testicles a worthwhile tonguing, too!), then her asshole. (Balls-deep, by the way.) Juan ends up shooting a colossal load all over her face and it’s sticky, trickling down her chin worthy and slow. It’s clear that Cristy Lynn likes her new neighbor. Ah, enough of this immodest talk! For the record, Cristy Lynn is a 43-year-old librarian (We like saying that word!) from Key West, Florida. She says that babe starts each day by masturbating and often spends her entire lunch hour with a fake penis rammed in her wet crack. And if somebody from the library finds out about these pics? So be it. “Right now, I’m living for the moment,” that babe said. And her moment is now.

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Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Dream Three-Way: Rita Daniels And Lexi McCain

Ivan, who’s Twenty and a big Rita Daniels fan, gets his dream fulfilled and more in this three-way with Rita, 61, and Lexi McCain, 64. But first, Rita and Lexi enjoy the fruits of one of Rita’s new shopping trips: a humongous, double-ended vibrator. “I have to shag u and u need to bonk me at the same time,” Rita says to Lexi. Then Rita says, “We’re intend to train u a dunky in number things this day, Ivan.” He’s right there as the ladies kiss, then they play with his wang a little. Then Rita says, “We have to display him the proper way to place in penis.” We’re sure Ivan knows how, but, hey, he’s Twenty, they’re the one and the other over 60, and it not at all hurts to learn a lesson from 2 dick-loving GILFs. So they have Ivan take a seat whilst Rita eats Lexi‘s snatch, then they share the fake penis. “Come on, bonk it!” Lexi demands. “You’re such a bimbo,” Rita says, her pointer sisters pouring over her beneath garment. Then Ivan displays up to eat the girls’ dildo-filled wet cracks before stuffing his rod in their mouths. Rita loses about a gallon of bodily fluid salivating all over Ivan’s cock, and in advance of we know it, one as well as the other angels are getting screwed, and whilst they’re at it, they’re giving a kiss and having their twats played with, and in the end, they receive their faces coated in cum. And what do they do next? It is worth the effort to investigate for yourself. If u wanna call it effort.

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Mid-Western Housewife

Mid-Western Housewife

Mid-Western Housewife

Ruthie Hays is a mid-western housewife, but this babe is not your archetypical mid-western housewife. “I would adore to have a a team fuck with 20 or more men,” this 47-year-old from Des Moines, Iowa told us told.The thing is, when Ruthie says ram like that, this babe doesn’t say it in a serious or sensuous voice. That babe says it in a fun, lighthearted way. ‘coz that is what Ruthie is: enjoyment and lighthearted. Especially when she is wanton. Which is not quite all the time.

40SOMETHING: Well, I’m sat here with your “Model Info” sheet, which we ask all the glamour models to fill out, and when I read it, I told to myself, “I must talk to this lady.” For sample, we ask if you wear belts, and u said u never wear briefs.

RUTHIE: Well, I am wearing belts right now, but just for you lads. Normally I by no means do.

40SOMETHING: It’s humorous to hear u say that cuz you look like the female next door, and you are Fourty seven years aged and u live in Iowa. You are five-feet-nine. You’re married. Your hubby set this up. We asked, “Are you into any fetishes?” and you told no. But then we asked, “What are your sexual fantasies?” Do you remember what you wrote?

RUTHIE: A bukkake with, oh, 10 or Twenty lads. 30 if I could.

40SOMETHING: Have u ever done a facials?

RUTHIE: No. The most I’ve had was like eight guys, but they did not all cum on my face. Some of them wanted to cum on my vagina. There was screwing going on, and there’s no banging in bukkake.

40SOMETHING: Is your dream for fellows to cum on your face or for you to have sex with Twenty bucks?

RUTHIE: Cum on my face. I would be in the midst, and they’d all be wanking. I like cum. I like having it on my face. It makes me supplementary slutty or something, doesn’t it? For me, it makes it hotter and sluttier to have cum on my face and oozing down my chin, oozing down all over my mounds.

40SOMETHING: And u love the lewd aspect of it.


40SOMETHING: Now, the gang a gang bang. Will anal be involved?

RUTHIE: Yes. A-hole, face hole, cum-hole. I have three holes, and I love them all filled, preferably at the same time.

40SOMETHING: What are the other boyz doing during the gang a team fuck when your 3 holes are occupied?

RUTHIE: I have had one gang a team fuck where I was jacking off two lads on either side of me and one lady-killer was in my face hole, one was in my fur pie and some other was in my butt. The other five were expecting their turn.

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Cristy gets a facial

Cristy receives a facial

Cristy receives a facial

In this clip, we see what happens when you are a woman chaser who’s fortunate enough to encounter a hawt wife with a generous partner. The hubby is hardly a cuckold; this chab can’t live with out the idea that his wife is getting youthful wang. And the wife is hardly a doxy or a tramp. She’s just doing what hot wives will do when they’re given a little bit of freedom.

So, Cristy Lynn, who is 43 and from Florida, offers Juan a cold beer, then that babe suggests him her hawt grip, then that babe offers him her anal opening, also. And what does Juan suggest Cristy? A facial, that’s what. No, not the kind of facial that babe might get over here one of those mall cutie salons. A cum facial. We do not think they serve up these in the mall, although when honey bunnys like Cristy are around, they might. After all, this is a lady who listed her hobby as “curling up in bed with my rabbit sex tool.” Hey, Cristy, does that little baby go up your a-hole, likewise?

“What do you think?” Cristy told.

And then, as an answer, that babe spread her butthole wide.

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