Getting to know our new 60Plus MILF

Getting to know our new 60Plus MILF

Getting to know our new 60Plus MILF

It’s time to get to know Renee Kane. She’s a beautiful, friendly, 60-year-old divorcee who never thought she’d ever fuck on-camera, but that’s what she’s doing today. First, though, she’s going to tell us all about herself. She’s going to tell you about her sexy occupation. She’s going to tell you about her horny ex-husband, who’s responsible for her being here. She’s going to tell you about her swinging adventures.

More about Renee:

She’s from Detroit, although she lived in Washington, D.C. for 32 years.

She enjoys kayaking, swimming with her dogs, all kinds of water sports, yoga, Pilates and ballet.

Her perfect day: Sleep in and have sex when we wake up, go on a long hike with my man and my dog to a beautiful outdoor restaurant along a river for lunch with wine, walk back home, clean up, take a nap, get pizza, watch TV and have more sex.”

Check her out, guys. You’re gonna love her.

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Juliett Russo’s Spanish anatomy lesson

Juliett Russo’s Spanish anatomy lesson

Juliett Russo's Spanish anatomy lesson

Today, Juliett Russo, a 54-year-old mother and divorcee from Venezuela, is back for her second go-round at The first time, she sucked and fucked and showed off her sexy, curvy body. Today, she is giving you a Spanish lesson, using her body to teach you. You’re going to find out how to say words like tits, asshole and pussy in Spanish. If you can keep from jacking off long enough, you might learn something, but we doubt you’ll be able to keep from jacking off. Hey, members, do your homework! But first watch Juliett suck and tit-fuck a big, thick dildo and stuff it inside her tight, pink Latina snatch.

Later this week, Juliett will have sex with a guy who’s 31 years younger than her.

Juliett lives in Miami, Florida. She’s 5’2″, 128 pounds with firm, round, C-cup tits. She’s into pole dancing, cooking and baking. She likes humble men with a sense of humor. She once had sex in a boat. She’s never had sex with another woman. And she’s not a swinger or a nudist.

“I’m a teacher,” Juliett said. “I worked as a teacher in my home country.”

She’s also had her own catering company.

When we asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, she said, “Some people would, some won’t because most people say I am a sexy woman and also because I was a model and an actress when I was young. I am a happy woman. Cheerful, fun, outgoing.”

And, as it turns out, very educational.

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Anilos - Luscious Lucy

AnilosLuscious Lucy

featuring Lucy Willow.

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Jan 26, 2021


Looking smokin’ hot in a tight dress, Lucy Willow is a feast for the eyes. She’s even hotter as she gets naked, flaunting those incredible breasts with their tight nipples and then her big ass and sleek bare twat. Once her thong comes off, this mommy grabs a dildo to ride to orgasm city.

Jana gets her glasses glazed

Jana gets her glasses glazed

Jana gets her glasses glazed

Jana, a 54-year-old wife (she’s wearing her wedding ring) and mom, quickly gets her tits out (one of her nipples is pierced), and it’s obvious that she wants to play. But who is she going to play with?

Well, at first, this Czech hottie is going to play with herself. She sheds her panties, keeps touching her tits, lies back and spreads her legs. Jana touches her pussy, which is also pierced, and by the way, have we mentioned that she’s wearing eyeglasses? She is.

Jana keeps rubbing herself, keeping eye-contact with the camera, spreading her pussy wide, showing us how pink her pussy is (very pink!). And then her playmate shows up.

Now, a gentleman would probably go down on Jana. Eat her pussy. But Frank is not a gentleman. He has a hard-on, and he shoves it in Jana’s mouth. She doesn’t back away. She eagerly slurps and sucks it, paying attention to his balls, too.

Jana lies down and spreads her legs so Frank can fuck her pussy. He deep-dicks her in the spoon position, making Jana’s tits jiggle, then she sits on top of his dick reverse-cowgirl. In-between, Jana sucks her pussy juices off his dick, then she bounces on his cock some more before he bangs her from behind, doggy-style. When he fucks her missionary, Jana spreads her pussy lips wide.

The scene ends with Frank emptying his balls all over Jana’s face. Some of his cum lands on her forehead, some on her nose, some on her glasses, some in her mouth. Maybe she should’ve taken off those glasses, but we’re glad she didn’t.

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Brenda loves her fuck machine

Brenda loves her fuck machine

Brenda loves her fuck machine

Brenda Douglas, the 67-year-old divorcee from Oregon who made a lot of new friends when she debuted last month, returns for her second week of action at

Today, Brenda is having fun with a fuck machine that one of her sex buddies sent her. The machine fucks her mouth and pussy and gets her ready for the main event: Thursday, when Brenda will get DP’d by two guys who are almost young enough to be her grandsons. We’ll round out the week on Wednesday with new solo photos and video of tight-bodied Dani Dare.

So, basically, we’re doing everything we can to keep you entertained while you’re stuck inside.

Brenda’s hobbies: “Sex, sex and lots of sex!”

What she wants to try: “Sex in public.”

What she finds sexy: “Self-assured, happy people who follow their bliss.”

Brenda on how she ended up at “It happened rather quickly. I’m rather sexual. I play a lot at home with my sex buddies, and someone mentioned your website. I had no idea there even was such a thing. It’s a dream come true for me. I’m very excited.”

Brenda has been single for about 10 years.

“I’ve had a great 10 years,” she said. “It has been a time of sexual exploration for me. I have tried many things, things that I never thought I would do. I’ve opened myself up more, and sex is really the center-point of my life.”

Oh, one more thing: Brenda’s feelings about anal sex:

“It’s fantastic, and double penetration is the icing on the cake!”

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Arkansas Stunner

Arkansas Stunner

Arkansas Stunner

Lives: Warren, Arkansas
Age: 21
Born: October 10
Ht: 5’2″
Wt: 111 pounds
Bras: 34B
Panties: Spandex thongs
Anal: Licking or maybe a finger
BJs: I’m not a big BJ fan
Masturbate: Yep

“I lost my virginity in the back of a pickup truck,” Haley told us. “It was such an Arkansas thing to do. You know what else makes me feel like such a country girl? My favorite position is cowgirl!” We don’t mind a good ol’ fashioned southern girl here at NN, and we’re sure you readers don’t, either. Haley’s got the charm of a beautiful belle and the body of an angel.

We asked Haley what pleases her the most in the bedroom. “I like to be wooed. You know, I like when a guy chases me and lets me know how special I am,” she replied. “But if you’re referring to a specific move, I love when a guy eats me out and fingers my pussy at the same time. I especially like it when he sucks on my clit while hitting my G-spot with two or three fingers. That combination of feeling my vagina getting stretched out, almost squirting because of that G-spot stimulation, and the electric feeling that I get from my clit, makes me want to freak out and cum at the same time. You’ve got to work up to that move, though!”

“I know that it’s strange in this day and age, but I’m not the biggest fan of sucking dick. I have done it before, but I’d rather not. And you know what? Whenever I’ve told a guy, I also let them know that they can do whatever they want to my pussy. They can fuck me in any position, at any speed, and for however long they want. That turns their frowns upside down, for sure! I’m just too impatient to suck dick. If I’m horny, I need that cock inside me as soon as humanly possible!”

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Texas Patti

Texas Patti Texas Patti
Texas Patti @
Recently widowed, Patti decides it is time to let her stepson know what she wants to be doing with the rest of her life. She wants to get back to doing what she did before she married Anthony’s dad – getting as much cock as possible. Patti wants her son to see how happy this big cock makes her so she demands he watch her as her new stud Jax walks in. Pulling out his huge cock she gulps it down right in front of her son’s shocked eyes. He cannot believe what a slut his mother is. What son could? How could young Anthony ever really know how much women go gonzo over massive meat. In horror he watches his mom get her pussy blasted out and left hanging open as she gets fucked all over the bed right in front of him. She even takes it up the ass. Balls deep!!!!! Damn mom. She ends it by swallowing a stiff load of cum and smiling all the way. Welcome to your new reality Anthony.
Texas Patti Texas Patti
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